Keith Johnston

Rainy Days and Mondays Didn’t Get Us Down…
Today, the City of Light offered us a dull rainy day. Nothing too serious, just a day of steady showers. We chose a couple of indoor highlights, the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre.

The Île de la Cité is one of two islands on the Seine River in Paris. Several of Paris' 37 bridges connect the left and right banks including the oldest in Paris, Pont Neuf, built in the early 1600's. It is here where Paris began. Commissioned in 1163, Our Lady of Paris (Notre Dame de Paris), took almost 200 years to complete. A powerful example of French Gothic architecture, the church is considered one of the most widely recognized in the world. Impressive is an understatement. 

   A midday mass was underway while we toured which meant "silence please". Look for more photos in the photo gallery.

Following lunch at a little cafe, we decided to tour the Louvre. The largest museum in the world is too large to tour in a day, but we were able to see some of the most popular artifacts. Estimated to have been created around 200 BC, Winged Victory pays tribute to the Goddess, Nike.

Of course, there is da Vinci's famous, Mona Lisa, believed to have been painted in the early 1500's. Perhaps slightly underwhelming in terms of its size, the painting is given its own room in the Louvre and hangs behind bullet proof glass. 

Aphrodite of Paris, or better known as Venus de Milo, is another Greek sculpture believed to have been created around 100 BC. 

A great day despite the rain, it was back to our neighbourhood for some relaxation and a little nightlife.

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