Keith Johnston

Milan – San Siro Stadium
Milan may be another of the great, beautiful cities of Italy, but our stay here was not for sightseeing. At Maggie's insistence we managed to get to Milan for a brief 24hr stay for one purpose, to see Bruce Springsteen perform for the seventh time at Milan's San Siro Stadium.

To be honest the stadium itself shows its 90 years in terms of design and amenities. Despite a few upgrade projects over the years, the stadium would not meet any North American standards for today's facilities. It's primary purpose is to seat people and with an 80,000 person capacity it can do that well.

This was Bruce's seventh time playing San Siro going back to 1985. He has stated more than once the San Siro fans are the greatest in the world. It was a great experience to be a part of this crowd. Despite being a humid 30 above, the fans embraced every minute of the 33 song, 3.5hr event. Bruce was at his best. My 21st Springsteen concert will surely be one to remember for a long time. If you would like to read more about the July 3 and July 5 (our show) shows in Milan click here

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