Keith Johnston

Il est temps de dire au revoir
It's time to say goodbye to Paris. An amazing city filled with a long history and great architecture. The hustle and bustle of tourists making their way around the city contrasted with the almost laissez-faire approach to life from the locals. We enjoyed a great location in Le Marais. Endless restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries.

Our final day in Paris started out with a nice walk toward the Seine River, past the Hôtel de Ville, home of the local city administration since the 1300's. We crossed the bridge to the smaller of the two islands, Île Saint-Louis. From there, a walk through the Latin Quarter.

View of the Notre Dame Cathedral from Île Saint-Louis
In three and a half days in Paris, Maggie's Fitbit estimates we have walked close to 60 kilometres. From the Latin Quarter it was time for a Metro ride. We headed toward the highest point in Paris, the popular basilica, Sacre Coeur, in the Montmartre district. Distinctly different from our travels to this point, the area is a little removed from the rest of Paris and some choose not to travel there. We we glad we did.

With Austria playing their final Euro game, the area was a sea of red, with fans singing and chanting, usually over a cold beer. Just a warm up before catching the train to the big game.

Austrian fans head down the street with Sacre Coeur in the background
Finally, we took a more relaxed pace in our last evening in Paris with a nice one hour river boat tour on the Seine. A great way to see the city and a great way to say farewell to Paris...for now.

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