Keith Johnston

And So the Journey Begins…
We arrived in Paris today. The Eurostar train out of London delivered us in just over two hours, reaching a speed of 290 km/h at some points. 

It looks like you have already seen our quaint little studio apartment in the Marais neighbourhood of Paris. For background, Maggie and I decided we would use AirB&B for Paris, Barcelona, and Rome. Our hope was to experience more as "locals".

We had a wonderful first evening exploring the area. Countless little cafes, bistros, pizzerias. What ever you call it, there is a little patio out front of every one of them and when it gets busy they just add another table and get that much closer to the curb of the street. Our first cheese and meat platter along with of course,... a baguette.

We were both very tired after a day of travel, so it was (quite) early to bed. Tomorrow we will begin to discover this great city. With Maggie's French improving with each glass of wine, who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Until then.... Cheers

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